ICH 2013

2.International Conference on Humanities - 2013

The concept of crisis has become one of the most commonly referred concepts of modern times. It is as if we don’t miss a day without a crisis. Every day, a great part of the news reports are filled up by the reports of global economic crisis, environmental crises, international crises, humanitarian crises, political crises, social crises, family crises, psychological crises and so on. What are the common causes and features of crisis conditions? How do we prevent crises or how do we manage a crisis condition if we are experiencing one already? Such are some of the questions humanities disciplines have been searching for answers for so long. Spirituality is an important part of human experience and certainly has things to say on crisis conditions as well. II. International Conference on Humanities titled “Crises and Spirituality” will be discussing the issue with all its aspects.

In the spirit of interdisciplinary exchange, the conference will involve scholars and researchers working in a broad range of areas including: Education, Literature, Communications, History, Economics, Environmental Sciences, Health Sciences, International Relations, Law, Media, Politics, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Theology and other related areas to Humanities.